Crimson Capital News

February, 2023

GEFF Serbia Leasing presents at conference on financing solar PV

December, 2022

S-Leasing joins GEFF Serbia Leasing

June, 2022

Award of USAID-funded Kosovo Property Governance Activity

May, 2022

Award of USAID-funded Kosovo Private Sector-Led Workforce Development Activity

March, 2022

Award of USAID-funded Moldova Energy Security Activity (MESA) Project

January, 2022

Award of Serbia Media Innovation Activity (MIA) contract

November, 2021

National Gender Workshop, Serbia

September, 2021

Award of MCC-funded Kosovo Green Recovery and Opportunity Window

May, 2021

Launch of Montenegro Guarantee Fund Support Program

April, 2021

GEFF Serbia Leasing Exceeds €15,000,000 in Green Investments

March, 2021

Award of the EBRD-GCF Gender Action Plan for Serbia contract

February, 2021

Afghanistan: Supporting Agricultural Value Chain Finance

November, 2020

Promotion of the First Investment of Business Accelerator UKIM (BAU), North Macedonia

November, 2020

Ideation, Research, Tech Transfer - how can universities and startups transform corporates, North Macedonia

August, 2020

Award of USAID-funded Sustainable Economic Growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina Project

June, 2020

Interview with Crimson’s Managing Director: Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in the Balkans

February, 2020

Award of East Africa RISE IDIQ

November, 2019

Toolkit for Greenhouse Operators in Kosovo: Technologies and Finance

September, 2019

Award of the Energy II IDIQ

July, 2019

Award of Serbia Green Economy Financing Facility (Serbia GEFF)

April, 2019

Award of USAID-funded Kosovo Economic Governance Activity (KEGA) Project

February, 2019

Award of Kosovo Improving Energy and Resource Efficiency in Greenhouse Cultivation Project

December, 2018

North Macedonia: Award of Business-Technology Accelerator

September, 2018

Award of the Kosovo Local Effective Governance (LEGO) project

August, 2018

Award of the Public Financial Management (PFM) IDIQ

June, 2017

Award of Western Balkan Green Economy Financing Facility (WB GEFF)

April, 2017

Award of Kosovo ASSET program

March, 2017

OECD South East Europe Competitiveness Outlook

February, 2017

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Finance Trainings in Nigeria

November, 2016

Award of Financial Inclusion - Finance and Entrepreneurship Framework

August, 2016

Award of Afghanistan Regional Agricultural Development Program, East (RADP-E)

May, 2016

Colombia: Supporting Value Chain Finance

April, 2016

Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF)

February, 2016

Macedonia: Crimson Development Foundation - Innovation Financing Vehicle (CDF- IFV)

September, 2015

Award of EBRD Public Sector Infrastructure Contract

June, 2015

Afghanistan: Crimson Supports Improved Insurance-sector Supervision

April, 2015

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Finance Training in Nigeria

January, 2015

Crimson Joins USAID EMPOWER Credit Support Project in Kosovo

December, 2014

Crimson Development Fund of Macedonia Wins Best Startup Fund Award

October, 2014

Award of Making Cities Work (MCW) IDIQ

August, 2014

Award of USAID EMPOWER Project in Kosovo

June, 2014

MOU Signed to Establish Crimson Finance Fund Albania

May, 2014

Award of USAID Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program in Nigeria

March, 2014

Award of USAID Partners for Development (PFD) Project in Kosovo

December, 2013

Afghanistan: Crimson Supports Development of Insurance Industry

November, 2013

Balkan Venture Forum (BkVF) Tirana, Albania

August, 2013

Developing the Horticulture Sector for Small Farmers in Sri Lanka

July, 2013

Award of Western Balkan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility II

June, 2013

Afghanistan: Launch of Purchase Order Finance (POF) for SMEs

May, 2013

Balkan Venture Forum (BkVF) Sofia, Bulgaria

April, 2013

Crimson Finance Fund Opens Branch Office in Kosovo North

February, 2013

Launch of Albanian Renewable Energy Association (AREA)

January, 2013

New Alliance Fast Track Facility to Support Africa’s Agriculture Transformation Agenda

December, 2012

Award of Clean Energy Contract

November, 2012

Crimson Helps Organize Albania Energy Market Conference

October, 2012

Access to Finance Fair in Afghanistan

September, 2012

Award of Asia and Middle East Economic Growth (AMEG) Contract

August, 2012

Crimson Joins Kyrgyzstan Local Economic Development Program

July, 2012

Innovation Financing Vehicle Concludes First Transaction, Supporting Woman-owned Start-up

April, 2012

Balkan Venture Forum (BkVF)

February, 2012

Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania: Launch of Academic Exchange for Progress (AEP) Project

January, 2012

Afghanistan: Development of Sharia-compliant Salam and Ijara Products

December, 2011

Macedonia: USAID Awards Innovation Financing Vehicle to Crimson

November, 2011

Bolivia: From USAID Project to Commercial-scale, Rural and Agricultural Lending

October, 2011

Crimson Authors Step-by-Step Guide on How to Open a Business in Kosovo

September, 2011

East & Central Africa: Launch of Agricultural Finance and Agricultural Insurance Certificate Programs

August, 2011

Crimson Joins USAID FAIDA Afghanistan Project

June, 2011

Lending Program for SMEs Takes Hold in South Africa

May, 2011

Assessment of the Agricultural Insurance Market in Guatemala

April, 2011

Crimson Pioneers Innovative Public Private Partnership in the Dairy, Beef and Feed Sector in Kosovo

March, 2011

Innovative Regional Lending Program for SMEs and Food Security in East and Central Africa

February, 2011

Crimson Capital Supports the Macedonian Agro Exporters Association at Fruit Logistica 2011

January, 2011

Award of Albanian Information Technology Association Project

December, 2010

Crimson Opens an Office in Peru

November, 2010

Kosovo Crimson Finance Fund Receives Additional $1.5 Million

October, 2010

Crimson Supports Innovative Lending Program for SMEs in South Africa

September, 2010

Award of Investment Climate Improvement (ICI) Project in West Bank and Gaza

August, 2010

Start-up of Decentralized Effective Municipalities Initiative (DEMI) in Kosovo

July, 2010

Launch of Kosovo Business Enabling Environment Program (BEEP)

June, 2010

Bank Restructuring and Recapitalization Program in Mongolia

May, 2010

Crimson Contributes to the SEE Investment Reform Index for 2010

April, 2010

ICT B2B Matchmaking Event

February, 2010

Assessment of USAID MARKETS project in Nigeria

January, 2010

Piloting Working Capital Debt Products in Armenia

December, 2009

Crimson Completes Access to Finance Assessment for MSMEs in the West Bank

November, 2009

Crimson Boosts SME Access to Finance in Azerbaijan

October, 2009

Kosovo Adopts Leasing Law Developed with Support from Crimson Experts

September, 2009

Crimson Capital Completes USAID-funded Primer on SME Access to Finance

August, 2009

Crimson Capital Assists South African Bank Develop Two New SME Loan Products

July, 2009

Crimson Capital Supports DCA Loan Portfolio Guarantee Program in Peru

January, 2009

Purchase Order Finance Success in Moldova