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January, 2011

Award of Albanian Information Technology Association Project

Crimson Capital and ICT Norway were recently awarded the Albanian Information Technology Association: An Engine for Dynamic Growth project. The goal of the project is to assist the Albanian Information Technology Association (AITA) develop into a sustainable and successful information and communications technology (ICT) association that will be a leading force in increasing innovation, technology and competitiveness in the ICT sector and across Albania’s entire economy. Through the project, Crimson will provide technical assistance and project management support to AITA in developing its organizational structure, including support in reviewing and developing bylaws, hiring staff and establishing its office and operating procedures, and developing revenue generating activities that will allow AITA to become self-sustainable.

This two-year project was initiated in January with a series of meetings held in Tirana, Albania with representatives of the ICT sector and the Albanian Government. Mr. Genc Pollo, the Minister for Innovation and Information Communication Technology of Albania, expressed his appreciation of the project as follows: “The support provided by Crimson will help us directly in achieving our goals of developing the information technology sector in Albania, and I would like to personally thank Crimson for this.”