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December, 2009

Crimson Completes Access to Finance Assessment for MSMEs in the West Bank

As part of the CLIR IQC, Crimson experts recently completed an assessment of micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSME) access to finance in the West Bank. The assessment considers the legal framework, implementing and supporting institutions and the social dynamics that affect MSME lending in the West Bank. The assessment found that the Palestinian financial sector remains conservative with respect to product development and that banks are very hesitant to do unsecured lending. Recommendations include developing regulations on secured transactions; developing a central collateral registry and commercial court; supporting a Movable Property Law; training for loan officers in credit and cash flow analysis; and providing support to micro finance institutions (MFIs) in understanding requirements of becoming a registered financial institutions.

This assessment on MSME access to finance completed by Crimson Capital will be part of a wider USAID-funded study on the business environment in the West Bank.