Crimson Capital News Details

March, 2010

Crimson Invited to Present Purchase Order Finance at the World Bank

Crimson Capital has been invited to present Purchase Order Finance at the World Bank as part of the “Innovative Financial Solutions for Development” series.

Purchase Order Finance (POF) -- sometimes also referred to as “contract financing” or “pre-shipment financing” -- is effectively an advance by the lender to the borrower for working capital secured by a verified purchase order or sales contract. POF is a transaction-based form of working capital finance that allows SMEs to fill more frequent and/or larger orders and thereby grow and become more profitable.

Crimson will be presenting its successful work introducing Purchase Order Finance in Bolivia through the USAID-funded ARCo project, and plans for further roll-out of POF in Bolivia’s Northern Amazon Region.

The Crimson POF presentation will take place at the World Bank in Washington, DC on Thursday, March 25, from 12:30 -14:00 in room H3-290.