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June, 2009

Over $4 Million in Export Contracts Secured for Macedonian Table Grape Growers

As part of the USAID funded AgBiz project, Crimson experts recently organized a series of B2B meetings for Macedonian table grape growers that resulted in over $4 million in export contracts. The goal of the AgBiz Program is to sustainably increase the competitiveness of Macedonian agribusiness producers, processers and traders in selected agribusiness value chains (fresh vegetables, processed vegetables, bottled wine, wild gathered products, and fresh fruits).  The AgBiz team is working to help Macedonian agribusinesses enter export markets for value added food products, enhance market linkages for agribusinesses along the selected value chains, and improve business management and operations.

The B2B meetings brought nine Macedonian table grape producers to Poland, where they met with potential import companies.  During the trip, Macedonian table grape producers also learned about improved grading and packaging techniques.  Following the study tour to Poland, the Crimson AgBiz team organized outreach meetings through which information garnered during the study tour was shared with an additional 23 Macedonian table grape growers.