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November, 2019

Toolkit for Greenhouse Operators in Kosovo: Technologies and Finance

As part of the Improving Energy and Resource Efficiency in Greenhouse Cultivation project, Crimson has developed a Toolkit for greenhouse operators in Kosovo. The Toolkit is designed to help greenhouse farmers in Kosovo better understand technological options for improving efficiency in their operations and how to finance them. It is organized in two main sections. The first section presents an overview of technological options greenhouse operators in Kosovo may wish to consider in order to increase efficiency in their operations. The second section of the Toolkit provides a simple, straightforward explanation of the range of financing products and services available to Kosovo agribusinesses. It is intended to better educate agribusiness owners on what types of finance may be appropriate for their businesses, and how to improve the likelihood of receiving financing.

The Toolkit may be downloaded here

The Improving Energy and Resource Efficiency in Greenhouse Cultivation project is funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), through USAIDís Small Business Applied Research (SBAR) initiative.