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February, 2023

GEFF Serbia Leasing presents at conference on financing solar PV

On February 22nd, Aleksandar Ranđelović from Crimson’s GEFF Serbia Leasing team presented opportunities for financing climate and renewable energy investments through the GEFF Serbia Leasing facility at a conference on generation of electricity through solar photovoltaic panels (solar PV), organized by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Ranđelović noted that GEFF Serbia Leasing supports investments made by Serbian businesses of up to EUR 300,000 for “simple” projects (those that do not require an assessment) and up to EUR 2 million for “complex” projects (requiring an assessment, which is performed by the GEFF Serbia Leasing team at no cost to the business). Additionally, Mr. Ranđelović provided an overview of solar PV projects financed to date through the facility and highlighted the EBRD GEFF Green Technology Selector (GTS), which is an on-line catalogue of best-in-class green technologies (equipment) and equipment vendors. The GEFF Serbia Leasing presentation, and those of the other presenters, can be found here.

The conference was attended by over 130 businesses, representatives of financial institutions (ProCredit, UniCredit) and relevant Government and donor support programmes. Following conclusion of the conference, participants had the chance to visit the GEFF Serbia Leasing booth to learn in more detail how the EBRD GEFF is supporting green investments in Serbia.

Funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Government of Luxemburg, and the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund, the Green Economy Financing Facility Serbia – Leasing (GEFF Serbia Leasing) is a €40 million on-lending facility, designed to support small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. GEFF Serbia Leasing is launched as part of the GCF-GEFF Regional Framework, now active in 10 countries.

More about the results of GEFF Serbia Leasing to date can be found here:

Visit the GEFF Serbia Leasing website: https://ebrdgeff.com/serbialeasing/