Crimson Capital is an international leader in emerging market development. We innovate strategies, build local capacity, and connect people and organizations with the know-how and resources to create employment and business opportunities.

We are known for delivering effective programs and targeted results for a wide range of clients in emerging economies by stimulating trade, financehttps://xn--lnet-qoa.com, investment, and sales. Our philosophy is rooted in mutual understanding, practical long-term solutions, and crafting sustainable, context-focused programs to meet each specific development challenge.


November, 2021

National Gender Workshop, Serbia

May, 2021

Launch of Montenegro Guarantee Fund Support Program

April, 2021

GEFF Serbia Leasing Exceeds €15,000,000 in Green Investments

March, 2021

Award of the EBRD-GCF Gender Action Plan for Serbia contract

February, 2021

Afghanistan: Supporting Agricultural Value Chain Finance

November, 2020

Promotion of the First Investment of Business Accelerator UKIM (BAU), North Macedonia

November, 2020

Ideation, Research, Tech Transfer - how can universities and startups transform corporates, North Macedonia

August, 2020

Award of USAID-funded Sustainable Economic Growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina Project

June, 2020

Interview with Crimson’s Managing Director: Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in the Balkans

February, 2020

Award of East Africa RISE IDIQ

November, 2019

Toolkit for Greenhouse Operators in Kosovo: Technologies and Finance

September, 2019

Award of the Energy II IDIQ

July, 2019

Award of Serbia Green Economy Financing Facility (Serbia GEFF)

April, 2019

Award of USAID-funded Kosovo Economic Governance Activity (KEGA) Project