Crimson Capital is an international leader in emerging market development. We innovate strategies, build local capacity, and connect people and organizations with the know-how and resources to create employment and business opportunities.

We are known for delivering effective programs and targeted results for a wide range of clients in emerging economies by stimulating trade, financehttps://xn--lnet-qoa.com, investment, and sales. Our philosophy is rooted in mutual understanding, practical long-term solutions, and crafting sustainable, context-focused programs to meet each specific development challenge.


June, 2022

Award of USAID-funded Kosovo Property Governance Activity

May, 2022

Award of USAID-funded Kosovo Private Sector-Led Workforce Development Activity

March, 2022

Award of USAID-funded Moldova Energy Security Activity (MESA) Project

January, 2022

Award of Serbia Media Innovation Activity (MIA) contract

November, 2021

National Gender Workshop, Serbia

May, 2021

Launch of Montenegro Guarantee Fund Support Program

April, 2021

GEFF Serbia Leasing Exceeds €15,000,000 in Green Investments

March, 2021

Award of the EBRD-GCF Gender Action Plan for Serbia contract

February, 2021

Afghanistan: Supporting Agricultural Value Chain Finance

November, 2020

Promotion of the First Investment of Business Accelerator UKIM (BAU), North Macedonia

November, 2020

Ideation, Research, Tech Transfer - how can universities and startups transform corporates, North Macedonia

August, 2020

Award of USAID-funded Sustainable Economic Growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina Project

June, 2020

Interview with Crimson’s Managing Director: Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in the Balkans

February, 2020

Award of East Africa RISE IDIQ

November, 2019

Toolkit for Greenhouse Operators in Kosovo: Technologies and Finance

September, 2019

Award of the Energy II IDIQ

July, 2019

Award of Serbia Green Economy Financing Facility (Serbia GEFF)

April, 2019

Award of USAID-funded Kosovo Economic Governance Activity (KEGA) Project